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If you are looking for the best routes to amuse yourself in Haikou, the Haikou Tourism Bureau has launched the premium tourism brand - "6 +1", a series of high-quality tourist routes that will be your best guide. Climb the ten thousand year old volcano, and gain an insight into a masterpiece created by nature; stroll along the hundred year old streets whilst listening to the echoes of history; see the "Impression • Hainan Island" show and experience a different kind of artistic feast; play quality golf as the blue sea and coconut trees move with unconstrained passion; have a dip in a hot spring spa as a bonus for your tired skin; eat a delicious seafood meal and let your taste buds open and enjoy a private journey.
Climb a Volcano
Leiqiong Haikou volcanic cluster is a world geological park located in Haikou's, southwestern town of Shisan, only 15 kilometers away from the downtown urban area. It is China's most complete volcano with abundant lava tunnels and the only example in the whole country; it is rare worldwide to have a dormant volcano cluster so near to a city.
There are more than 30 lava tunnels within the scenic area with their caves in a formation similar to an underground maze which people find fascinating. Volcanic cones, craters, ancient basalt villages, as well as production facilities for everyday items made from lava are scattered all around as if in a world made from basalt, During your ramble you will praise not only the craftsmanship of its heavenly creator but also the dream-like resemblance to paradise on earth!
Strolling through the arcades

A Century of Wind and Rain for the Arcades
Haikou's Qilou Arcades form the city's most exotic street landscapes. They radiate out from the old city district and include Zhongshan Road, Deshengsha Road, Xinhua Road, 4th Liberation Road, Po-ai Road and Changdi Road. On June 10th, 2009, during the first "Chinese Historical and Culture Streets Selection Promotion", Haikou's arcaded streets, with their fusion of European and Asian architectural epitomising the unique style of mixed cities in Europe and Asia Southeast, was one of the ten street areas to win the title of "Chinese Historical and Cultural street". Wander around the Qilou Arcades and appreciate the changes in Haikou city over a hundred years!
The Qilou Arcades bear witness to the great changes of the last one hundred years in the development of Haikou City. They have also watched an older generation of Hainan Overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia return home in their later years with a locally-rooted sense of national identity typified by the variegated white facades, delicately arched porticos - many with relief pattern finishes - French blue shutters and the pungent floating aroma of coffee. Although the buildings cannot speak, they still narrate the history of change and the continuity of life, like an inadvertent moving time tunnel

When the North of China is covered with silvery white fluttering snow, in Haikou, where the sea meets the sky, it is still spring and the breeze warm and genial. Invite three or five close friends to shoulder their golf bags and set off on a memorable island golf tour. At the seaside, lakeside, mountainside or park golf courses, swing your clubs to your hearts content as you wander next to the blue sea and sky and amongst the whirling coconut palms. Rush towards the greens with the utmost unconstrained liberty and sporting passion!

Soak in a hot spring spa
SPA hydrotherapy not only removes fatigue, but also through its mineral-rich hot spring water, can be used to treat patients with skin ailments. This has already become a popular trend amongst the world's physiotherapists. Haikou is very rich in hot spring resources, , especially tropical volcanic hot springs along the coast and tops the nation's list of such resources. Along the west coast of Haikou, spa hotels can be found everywhere; for the beauty-conscious women, bathing in the an atmosphere of heavy mist with fragrant petals falling into the aromatherapy SPA bubble pool, is the best way to reward beauty.

Eat Seafood
When traveling in Haikou, enjoying an authentic, fresh seafood meal is an essential part of the journey. A wide variety of fresh seafood at reasonable prices allows you to rush to a feast of unprecedented taste. Seafood delicacies in all sorts of colors abound! A dazzling display of shrimp, crab, fish and shellfish is a feast for the eyes, bon appetite! Perfectly cooked, fresh, plump seafood delicacies, invite you to gorge yourself then enjoy the lingering aftertaste.

Impression Hainan
Surging sea, happy ocean, illusory paradise.the audience sits in the stands of the sea urchin theater, as if they were on a continuous sand beach.  Produced by famous director Zhang Yimou, with Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue as co-directors (following their production of "Iron Triangle), "Impression • Hainan Island," is adorned with beautiful lighting effects and shocking sound effects which bring us back into the embrace of the sea and an infinite expanse of ocean reverie; truly a joyful local island and seaside experience.

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