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Hainan Puppet Plays

Hainan's Puppet Plays with Human Actors is originated in Lingao, a neighboring county of Haikou. Puppet plays are fully of local characteristics and popular, this art even formed earlier than Qiong Opera. The Lingao Puppet Plays are much different from puppet plays of other places, the stage of Lingao Puppet Play is the same with that of an ordinary theatre: there's no curtain on the stage, the puppet and its manipulator play the same role. The chief accompanying music is produced by double suona horn (a Chinese traditional instrument). The actors make themselves up and then show on the stage with the puppet. 

The puppet is finely made. With moving eyes and mouth, the puppets look as if they have life. On the stage actors and the puppets need to coordinate well, and each actor manipulates one puppet and performs the role in the play. 

Because of its special local colour and different presentation, this kind of puppet play gain lots of fans both at home and abroad. 

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