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On this precious island, there are many culture worthy to appreciate, Qiong Opera is the most historical and traditional heritages could represent the culture of Hainan. It originated from the tune of Geyang, Jiangxi. In Ming Dynasty, it was introduced to Hainan Island by Minnan and Chaoshan. Qiong Opera then came into being after having absorbed the folk ditty. Qiong Opera has a history of 360 years. The traditional repertoires of opera are very rich. Each type of its role has its own traditional performance art and different mask, different tune. The types of role are comparatively complete. The way of singing is also very rich, it is more than 30 ways to express all emotions for joy, sorrow, anger and pleasure. Therefore, Qiong Opera has strong local characteristics. It is a popular artistic form in Hainan area, Leizhou Peninsula of Guangdong and Southeast Asian countries with overseas Chinese with family origin in Hainan. Script, shows, music, stage design, etc., all the elements of Qiong Opera has its very own style, which fully reflects the artistic talent and wisdom of Hainan people. 

In Hainan, every time with festivals or big events such as Chinese New Year, wedding, "Gong Qi", "Po Qi", Hainan people would like to perform Qiong Opera to celebrate.   

You may wish to experience the unique Qiong Opera personally when you come to Hainan, to feel the charm and find out the difference of Qiong Opera to other local opera.

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