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Laoba (Daddy) Tea Culture

As we know, Hainan people prefer to slow down their tempo and enjoy the leisure lifestyle; moreover, less pollution also provides a good environment, these can be two main reasons that Hainan people always live long life. In the Hainan leisure lifestyle, to have a cup of Laoba Tea in the afternoon is indispensable. A pot of tea, a dish of peanuts or some snacks, and couples of good friends be together, which has become a scenery of Hainan. Because men always go to this kind of tea shop a lot that he local people call it Laoba (Daddy) Tea.  

People in a tea shop maybe read news papers, maybe talk with friends about everything, maybe discuss lotteries to others know or may not know. Therefore the tea shops in Hainan are more like a social channel to pass their feeling and interests.  

Hainan Laoba Tea'is a kind of Hainan's relaxation culture; it reflects a laid-back, casual, peaceful style and comfortable mind to outline the characteristics of islanders' life. Laoba Tea makes Hainan people's social life more full of joy, makes their communication with more love and harmony.

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