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China's Hawaii == Hainan Province
Author:Wang Ke  Source:China.org.cn   

If you think Hawaii is too far away,Hainan,can offer you a similar experience a lot closer to home for a lot less money.
Beaches, diving and seafood are the three eternal themes in Hainan.The current temprature in the city is around 23C-25C, just like spring in Beijing.
Many choices can be found there. The fancy hotels in the city offer spas, golf, hot springs and all kinds of water sports. If you want to keep a lid on the cost, watching sunset, collecting shells on the soft beaches and embracing the warm wind are great free experiences.
A recommended three-day trip in Hainan starts from Haikou, which has the best bay in the city. Find yourself a suitable hotel and enjoy the fantastic view. Just breathe and relax, the whole place has a fresh smell. Sports fans who love exciting games must go to Wuzhizhou Island the next day. Surfing, diving and paragliding are must-dos there. And don't forget the famous resort of Tianya Haijiao, meaning the end of seas and skies, which is considered the most southerly point in China.
The city is full of flowers and coconut trees and will fulfill all your dreams about a tropical island. China's Hawaii is only 4.5 hours away.

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