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Haikou is the commercial center of Hainan Province, and as such goods from around the whole island gather here. In addition to the Le Pu Sheng Emporium, the No.1 Department Store, and Shengsheng department store, new shopping centers are developing rapidly in this area. Traditional folk trade markets are also available to shop and cultivate local customs.

Using local materials, Hainan's featured artwork and souvenir are created with an ocean theme, rural style and national flavor. Generally there are about ten categories, into which fall over a hundred different kinds of products that are created to appeal to tourists. These categories are:


There are many shops within Hainan that sell many kinds of pearls, but the seawater pearl is the specialty of Hainan Province. If you are interested in purchasing pearls, to avoid the risk of imitations you are best to buy in larger jewelry stores.


These glistening gems are very popular among young girls. DIY shops allow you to use your imagination and create your own unique gift for your friends.

Li Brocade

This is a featured cloth handmade by the Li people using cotton inside the capsule of kapok. Particularly renowned during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC), the Li Brocade is China's oldest cotton textile. The Li Brocade includes a column skirt, headband, bed sheet, quilt and so on. Designs of flowers, grass, animals and human beings are exquisitely made.

Coconut Shell Sculpture

These sculptures are carved on coconut shells into various figures including cute babies, delicate key buckles, tea boxes, pigs, and other craftwork such as pictures. Remember to bring one home!


The DC Department Store on Haixiu Road is worth a visit. Local shell-made wind bells and toys cost very little but are definitely distinctive local folk artworks. Be sure to handle the damageable shell craftworks with care.


Hainan abounds in pepper, black pepper and white pepper. They can be divided into pepper pellets and finished pepper. The pepper is not only used as seasoning but also as a stomach-warming ingredient.

Cultural souvenirs of the Li Minority are also sold in big shopping malls. They are very unique and distinctive gifts for friends and family.

Where to Buy

Haixiu Avenue is the most bustling commercial street in Haikou. The tourist souvenir shops around the Haikou Hotel also converge at this avenue.

Getting There: Bus No.9, 17, 24

Dongmen (East Gate) Market: gathering place for dried seafood, a tasty present for friends and families.

Wholesale Fruit Market: on Bailong South Road you will not want to miss the tropical fruits of Hainan Province. Products for sale include mangos, pineapples, jackfruits, coconuts, betel nuts, pawpaw, longan and lichee, loquat, naseberry, passionflower, wampee, carambola, etc. Many of these products are unique to Hainan, and are seldom found in other areas. In addition, if you are courageous enough, try a taste of Liu Lian (civet durian), the king of tropical fruit. It has an offensive odor but a very pleasant taste!

Getting There: Bus No.3, 11, 16

Here are some of the large shopping malls of Haikou which feature commodities such as clothes, home appliances, jewelry, and artworks.

No. 1 Department Store of Hainan: Waihai Shopping Center, No.8, Haixiu Road

Sheng Sheng Department Store: Zhujiang Square, Binhai Avenue

DC Department Store: No.10, Haixiu Avenue

Le Pu Sheng Emporium: No.7, Haixiu Road

Tailong Department Store: No.4, Datong Road

Tourist Street: Haixiu East Road

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