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Kernel Harbor Area

Project Positioning:
It is next to Xiuying Port of Binhai Avenue,Faces the sea in the east,west and north.It is the land using zone formed by the extension of the harbor in the sea.
Project land area:
84.19 ha.(1262.85 mu).
Resource conditions:
It lies in the front seascape area of international passenger liner harbor and the most eye-catching scenic area in Haikou Bay.Rare resources and rare position.
Development Goal:
Relying on the development of economic zone of international passenger liner harbor and building functional zone integrating topgrade hotel,entertainment and leisure,shopping and commercial work.
Development mode:
The development enterprise gains the land usage right by bidding,auction and hanging out,independent construction and development.
Specific project land use and layout quota
Star-class hotel:area:16.34ha.;floor area ratio:1.0;construction density:15%
Yacht park:area:5.88ha.;floor area ratio:0.1;construction density:5%.
Business/food and drink:area:10.77ha.;floor area ratio:2.5;construction density:30%.
Mazu Temple:area:5.87ha.;floor area ratio:0.4;construction density:15%.
Business work:area:8.68ha.;floor area ratio:2.5;construction density:20%.
Business service:area:10.48ha.;floor area ratio:2.8;construction density:28%.

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