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Yongxing Town

General Information:
Yongxing Town is a tourism town locating at suburban area of Haikou,which embraces the south part of the Haikou Shishan Volcano Cluster National Geopark in it,and dominates over an area of 102.38 square meters.
Planning Area:
The build-up area of the town is 71.46 ha.(1027 mu),and the planned constructing area will be 166.68 ha.(2500 mu).
Prediction of Developemt of Population Scale of the Town:
The total population is expected to reach 15000 in the target year.
Function Positioning:
Vocanic aricultural turism,Cultural tourism,and a brand new modern international tourism town.

Function structure:
one center:Comercial and services center.
two belts:Ecological sports,recreational and holiday making industrial belt in the east and agricultural sightseeing industrial belt in the west.
five zones:Township zone,industrial zone,volcano cultural tourism zone,forester leisure tourism zome,as well as agrcultural sightseeing zone.
Development Approache:
Integrate the construction of new countryside with conformation of the key towns,and start construction and development on the optimized and synthesized land resourse.

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