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Shopping in Haikou:In the sub-tropical zone...
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Shopping in Haikou
In the sub-tropical zone, Haikou teems with tourism handicrafts, such as coconut shell carvings, shell carvings, pearls and crystals. Its local products, such as tropical fruit beverages, coconut food and cashew nuts, have been well received by domestic and foreign tourists.
Shopping malls
Hainan First Mall
Add.: Wanghai Business City, No.8 Haixiu Road, Haikou, Hainan, China
Shengsheng Department Store
Add.: Zhujiang Square, Binhai Avenue, Haikou, Hainan, China
DC Business City
Add.: No.10 Haixiu Avenue, Haikou, Hainan, China
Yuepusheng Business Building
Add.: No.7 Haixiu Road, Haikou, Hainan, China
Shopping Streets
Haixiu Avenueis the most flourishing business street in Haikou, where the region near Haikou Hotel is covered by numerous stores selling tour souvenirs. Among these stores, jewels stores, particularly decorated, mainly sell South beads, crystals and turtle shells, which are special local products of Hainan. Many special local products, such as Xinglong coffee, pepper, jaggery, horn carving and coconut shell carving, are also available. Their price will not very high, for most of these stores are direct selling stores appointed by manufacturers. Tourist can buy textile or handicrafts of Li group style to send relatives and friends in home. Dadongmen market, a seafood and dry cargo market, is your first choice to buy red striped snapper and sleeve-fish.
Featured products
Handicrafts that made of shells in different shapes and colors are tourists' favorite, which are available at basement and the ground floor of DC building located on Haixiu Road, including wind-bells, moppet, white jade shell, noctilucence shell, five-claw spiral shell, pearl shell, pudicity spiral shell, Tangguan spiral shell, seven-angle spiral shell, hog-ears shell, top shell and angle spiral shell. Without decorating and carving, these shells are beatifull in nature.
In Hainan, many stores sell pearls, and qualities are in different levels. When buying pearls, tourists would better to go to large jewels stores, such as Jingrun Pearl, which is located on the opposite side of Wanghai building on Haixiu Road. A simple method to judge the quality of pearl is to rub two pearls, the smooth ones are false, and otherwise, they may be true. The profession method of judge the quality of pearl is to check its age, size, shape, color, perforation technologies, and so on. You may not control all these skills, and then you'd better to buy in credit standing stores and bargain with them. Furthermore, only seawater pearls are Hainan's special local products.
Silk Work of Li Nationality
Silk works of Li Nationality, the earliest cotton textile, has won reputation at .It is called "Blessing shell" cloth in ancient time, and a featured multicolor cloth manually woven by Li people with cotton of kapok. This silk work features in refinement, lightness and softness, whiteness and ruggedization. Li Silk Works include: tube shirt, kerchief, lacing, belting, sheet and quilt (which is called "Aizhou quilt"). Spun, wove, dye and embroider are the four processes to produce Li silk woven works, which are usually in red, yellow, black or white. Its brightness and colorful patterns enjoy high reputation even in ancient times. The style of tube skirt is very similar to short skirt.
Coral Potted Landscape
Corals are beautiful "flowers" in the sea. Artisans of Hainan Province create beautiful potted landscapes with corals to display picturesque scenery of nature.
Coconut Shell Carving
Made of hard coconut shells, coconut shell carvings produced in Hainan fall into over 20 varieties, including tin-, silver-, sandalwood- and shell-inlaid coconut shell carvings. The products have been sold to the countries in southeastern Asia, Europe and America, Hong Kong and Macau.
HainanProvince is China's main producer of coffee. Every year, when coffee beans are ripe, local people harvest them timely. Then they classify coffee beans according to their quality, dry them, add cream and white sugar to coffee beans, and bake or fry them at a low fire until they are ready. Hainan coffee has its own special taste.
Mango, known as the "King of Tropical Fruit," is one of the main kinds of fruit in Hainan. Mango trees can be seen everywhere in Hainan Province.
As one of the special products of Hainan Province, coconuts can be made into fine coconut mash, and coconut milk, candies and oil, in addition to coconut shell carvings. Coconut milk is good cool beverage.
Areca is one of the precious medicines produced in south China. Areca can help get rid of indigestion, kill parasites, pervert flow of Qi (vital energy) in the lung and stomach, and induce diuresis.

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