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In Hainan, the most common and popular handicrafts and souvenirs are made from local materials. Superb craftsmanship combined with unusual raw materials makes all these products unique.
There are numerous categories of handicraft available on the island- most of which are either sea or mountain products. Coconuts, sea shells, crystal and pearl are all common materials used, and Hainan teems with numerous tropical fruits too.
As the commercial center of Hainan, Haikou has commodities for sale from all over the island. The traditional folk markets around the back streets are the best places to pick up a bargain. Local products such as coffee, pepper and coconut candies are widely available and make interesting souvenirs. The fruit and fish markets are other good places to purchase a bit of the action! Take a wander and sample the atmosphere and the weird and wonderful array of goods for sale. Durian is a particularly pungent, though tasty fruit- eat it if you dare!
Most of all, Hainan is famous as a source of shells. Some lovely pieces and decorations are made using sea products. Sea water pearls are especially well known and widely available throughout the island.

Crafts carved from the shells of coconuts are a popular eastern Hainan knickknack. In fact, Hainan craftsman can make as many as 100 different kinds of sculpture, all from coconut shells! Actually, since the Tang Dynasty, coconut shell has been popular for making wine cups for Chinese spirits. Other popular forms of this craft include carved scenes and monkey statues
Crystal from Hainan is arguably the best in China. Chairman Mao's coffin in Beijing was built with Hainan crystal. The luminous natural material is not only made into various kinds of jewels including necklaces, brooches and earrings, but apparently has medicinal benefits!
Seawater Pearls
Seawater pearls are famous for their huge size and colorful surface compared to freshwater pearls which are more commonly found throughout China. The biggest seawater pearls have a diameter of 1.5 cm.
These unique pearls are not only used to make various jewels including necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings, but also made into beautiful pearl decoration. What's more, pearl powder is traditionally used by Chinese women as a secret treatment to help maintain youth and beauty.
HaiNan Peppers
One of the special products in HaiNan Known as a famous flavoring in the world . There are two kinds of peppers: the white peppers are seeds of ripe fruits with a light color, the black peppers are fried raw with a dark color. Peppers can be used in both medicine and food. In the traditional Chinese medicine, peppers are good for stomach diseases. Stewed stomach of pig with peppers can cure chronic stomach diseases.
Tropical Fruits
53 famous tropical fruits grow on HaiNan Island in four different seasons. However, the coconut has the greatest reputation. Foodstuff made of coconuts and natural bananas, pineapple, mangoes and watermelon sell well throughout China and in Japan, South Korean, Russia and other countries and regions. There are a variety of famous fruit and local products as the mango in ChangJiang, seedless watermelon, black pearl watermelon, honey pineapple in WenChang, bananas in Meiting of Chengmai, Datian of DonnFang , HuangLiu and Chongpo of LeDong , Beauty's Smile lychee.

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