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Spain's Canary Island to work hand in hand with Hainan Island
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The Canary Island region of Spain was introduced as the "European Hainan Island!" by  Lorenzo Olarte Cullen, the former president of the Government of the Canary Islands in Spain and the president of the FICC (Canary Foundation for the Integration and Cooperation with China), during his short visit to Hainan Island on May 30th this year. The two sides will launch more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in tourism investment and tourism management, particularly the tourism talents' training in the next half of the year.

The Canary Islands, one of the autonomous regions and one of the four major tourist areas of Spain, comprises seven volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It became a sister province with Hainan in 2005. Tourism is its leading industry as it receives more than 1200 million tourists from foreign countries every year, accounting for 23% of Spain's total number of foreign tourists.

It is reported that our province organized an overseas training for the tourism management cadres for the first time last year, and one of the training places was the Canary Islands. The second batch of tourism cadres will go to study in Spain in the next half of the year, and the president of the Government of the Canary Islands also plans to pay a visit to Hainan to examine the situation of local tourism development.

Canary Islands and the FICC will dedicate themselves to promoting the bilateral tourism exchanges and cooperation with a special focus on the talents' training and introduction of tourism projects. Exploring the introduction of bullfighting and other entertainment projects will be considered.

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