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China resort island sees rise in foreign visitors
Author:Mo Hong'e  Source:Xinhua   

Visits by overseas tourists to China's Hainan Province reached 887,000 between January and October, up 57.1 percent year on year.

It is estimated that the visits made by inbound visitors will hit a historical high of 1 million by the beginning of December, according to Zhou Ping, deputy head of the Hainan tourism development commission, on Sunday.

In order to facilitate the travels of foreign tourists, the province has launched over 50 direct air routes connecting Russia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea and Southeast Asian countries.

From 2013 to 2015, Hainan witnessed a plunge in inbound tourism with the number of overseas tourists falling from 970,000 to 500,000. At the same time, wealthier domestic tourists had shifted from vacationing in Hainan to overseas destinations.

Over the past few years, the province has invested heavily in promoting tourism through all kinds of media platforms and by organizing online and offline promotional activities.

Zhou said Hainan has hosted tourism promotions in European, Southeast Asian and Central Asian countries.

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