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Haikou's Third Tourist Information and Service Center Opens
Author:  Source:Haikou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office   
Starting from April, travelers getting off ships at Xiuying Port and Yuehai Port will be able to enjoy more convenient tourism consultancy services. The Haikou Tourist Information and Service Center at Xiuying Port was opened to the public in early April. This center is the third of its kind following the operation of another two at Hai'an Yihao and at the People's Park.
It is reported that the Tourist Information and Service Center at Hai'an Yihao receives around 75 people daily on average and the number rises to about 200 at peak hours since it was first put into operation on December 30th, 2010; while the one at People's Park sees more than 85 people coming for consultancy everyday, and over 300 at peak hours following its opening on January 28th, 2011.
Those tourist information and service centers offer visitors information regarding food, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping and recreation on Hainan Island; provide free consultancy and information; and help with tourism grievances and complaints. Their services and qualities are highly commended by many tourists and citizens.
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