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Oracle to Help Hainan with the making of Intelligent Information Island
Author:  Source:Haikou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office   
Lately, "the Exploration of Informationization by Hainan Airlines Group & Oracle Corporate Framework and Security Seminar" was jointly convened by Oracle (China) Software Systems Co., Ltd and core information technology enterprises subordinated to the Hainan Airlines Group.
Ever since the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island rose to become a national strategy in 2010, the building of an Intelligent Information Island, an important component of that national strategy, has been closely watched by domestic and international IT giants. "We think highly of the late-mover advantage brought about by the information technology alongside the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island, and we hope to create new technological breakthroughs with our partner in the area of informationization within international tourism zones and help Hainan to achieve its grand aspiration of becoming an intelligent information island." said an official from Oracle.
"Hainan has an excellent natural environment for tourism. If it can further enhance its information environment to add spice to international tourists' local experiences, it will be conducive for Hainan to boost its global tourism market." said another official.
Source: Nanhai Net, http://www.hinews.cn
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