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Sanya Restaurant Guide: Roast Leg of Lamb
Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan   


Is your mouth watering yet? It should be! A roast leg of lamb is the perfect dinner for a medium to large group of people, so grab some friends, or make some new ones quick, because we are going out for a meal to remember in Sanya!

Ok, before we eat let's find out more about the origins of this tasty and filling dish.

Roast lamb leg is a traditional dish from Inner Mongolia, which is specially prepared when a dinner party is held in honor of distinguished guests or a great celebration is held. The lamb leg is taken on a special cart and placed in front of guests. The most honored guest at the gathering is then invited to cut the first piece and eat before the rest of the lamb leg is cut and served around the party.

In recent years, the dish migrated to Sanya along with Dongbei (Northeast China) and Xinjiang people, and now it has become really popular all over Hainan.

This dish is produced with high-quality materials. In Sanya, sheep from Inner Mongolia are used for the dish at most restaurants. Distinct from other breeds, the sheep are mainly raised and fed on grasslands on the Inner Mongolia. To preserve quality and freshness, the lamb legs are air-freighted from the farm to the dining table. The roast lamb leg is appealingly fresh and savory to taste, and really needs very little seasoning at all.

How is it served? Each table is given a set of long-handled knives and forks for carving the meat. This helps to make the meal a fun, hands-on experience. The roast lamb leg tastes better as the meat is roasted and rotated evenly by the barbecue master (that's you!) over a bed of charcoal on the table, making the skin crispier and the meat tenderer.


Ok, enough about where it comes from, and how to eat it, I'm getting really hungry! Where can I get some???

This handy list should help you find a good place near you:

1. Da Da鞑靼风味炭火烤羊腿

Telephone: 13637553231

Address: 11, Yuya Xincun Market, Fengxinglong Bridge, Chunguang Road, Sanya 三亚市春光路丰兴隆桥榆亚新村市场11号

2. Qi Qi Ge棋棋格烤羊腿

Telephone: 18976715767

Address: 100 meters east of Haihong Hotel, Yuya Avenue, Jiyang District, Sanya 三亚市吉阳区榆亚大道海虹酒店东100米

3. Meng Gu Zhen Kao 蒙古珍烤羊腿

Telephone: 15091918592

Address: Opposite Wanghao Supermarket, Shengli Road, Sanya三亚市胜利路旺豪超市对面

4. Xin Jiang Lao新疆佬扎啤城

Telephone: 13016280670

Address: 2nd Floor, Zhonghua Food Plaza, Ronggen Road, Tianya District, Sanya 三亚市天涯区榕根路 中华城美食一条街2楼

5. Tian Ci Dong Bei天赐东北烤羊腿

Telephone: 13006072729

Address: BBQ Street, Danzhou Residential Community, Fenghuang Road, Sanya三亚市凤凰路丹州小区烧烤排挡一条街第一家

by Nicki Johnson

Visit Hainan

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