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A Bo Po's Salt Roasted Chicken 阿卜婆盐焗鸡
Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan   

The most tender, most flavorful, most savory chicken you will ever taste in your life is A Bo Po's Salt Roasted Chicken. When you arrive at the Salt Roasted Chicken shop, tucked away on the second floor of Haikou's Tailongcheng shopping center, you will be greeted by A Bo Po, or Grandma, herself, or by one of her grown grandchildren, who step in whenever Grandma needs a day off.


This is truly a family business, with a family salt roasted chicken recipe that comes from Grandma herself. Plump young chickens are carefully wrapped in sheets of baking paper and submerged in giant barrels filled with sea salt. Then they are baked for hours. Slowly, the chickens are transformed by the salt which permeates them, tenderizing the flesh, while the juices and fats are retained. The resulting flavor has to be tasted to be believed.

The chickens are served whole, still wrapped in paper as well as a plastic bag, to seal in the juicy flavor. Patrons put on the provided plastic gloves and tear open the chickens by hand, pulling off strips of steaming, glowingly moist meat. No matter how many chickens are ordered, there never seems to be any left over.

If you have your heart set on trying A Bo Po's Salt Roasted Chicken, it's a good idea to call ahead, as the baking begins the day before, and once the day's chickens are gone, they are gone. If you can't make it to the Salt Roasted Chicken Shop in Haikou, you can try this traditional Hainan food anywhere in mainland China – A Bo Po delivers!

For more information or to order your very own mouthwatering Salt Roasted Chicken:

Phone: 13322029188, 65777889

Address: Stall #5, Second Floor of Tailongcheng Shopping Center, Datong Rd., Haikou 海南省海口市龙华区大同路泰龙城二楼5号铺

WeChat: abupot

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