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60 Couples Fly Overhaikou In Hot Air Balloons
Author:  Source:Haikou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office   

The 4th Haikou Hot Air Balloon Festival (1st Travel Wedding Celebration)as well as the H1 Hot Air Balloon Challenge, China were held on June, 12th this year. The events were based on a hot air balloon challenge and as a form of travelling wedding. In the morning, 60 couples joined in at Haikou Evergreen Park to experienced the excitement of the hot air balloons while making their vows, according to hinews.cn.

The 60 couples from cities including Shanghai, Xi'an and Chongqing and Beijing, gathered at Evergreen Park and got a closer look at the hot air balloons. They all got a chance to come forward to explore the balloons.

Later in the evening, the couples had a Chinese and Western style combined group wedding celebration. A few couples took turns to fly in the hot air balloons. They flew over the Haikou Volcano and the Holiday Beach on the city's west coast while making their vows.

An American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson who have been living in Haikou for five years were among the 60 couples. They told reporters, this was their first time to be a part of a hot air balloon wedding. "When we first got into the hot air balloon, we were more than just happy. Haikou's sky was so beautiful and everything under it was just green, it's gorgeous."
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