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Five-Lord Temple

Tel:086-0898-65855353  Fax:086-0898-65327823 65855653  Stars:   Five-Lord Temple, located at the southeast of Haikou City, covering an area of about 66,000 square metres, is a comprehensive tourist scenic spot integrated with ancient buildings, historical sites and gardens, mainly composed of the First Temple of Hainan(Five-Lord Temple)Guan Jia Tang,

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

Tel:  Fax:  Stars:   The most famous feature here is the number of tigons (tiger lion cross breed), more tigons have been successfully bred in the Hainan Tropical Wildlife park than any other zoo in the world- a total of 13 altogether. Here, tourists can drive through and enjoy the view South African lions,

Holiday Beachside Resort

Tel:086-0898-68719988  Fax:086-0898-68719988  Stars: AAAA In the July of 1995, with the strong support of the Haikou government, Holiday Beachside Resort was established. In the same year, the event named 1995 100 thousand citizens Mid-autumn festival Moon watch on the beach successfully took place in the resort. It was the prelude to a

Hairui Tomb

Tel:  Fax:  Stars:   Hai Rui's life was an upright and honest one and therefore subsequent generations respect and cherish his memory. In 1982, the local government re-built Hairui Memorial Park and on Hai Rui Memorial Day (February 20th of the lunar year), local people still come to pay their respects to

Deshengsha Qilou Arcades

Tel:  Fax:  Stars:   Every time you walk down Deshengsha Old Street, you will always find the strong sense of South East Tradition bewildering

China leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark

Tel:086-0898-65469555  Fax:086-0898-65469666  Stars: AAAA With an area of 108 km2, China Leiqiong Global Geopark(Haikou Scenic-Shishan Volxanic Cluster) is spread in Shishan Town and Yongxing Town,15 km southwest from the center of Hailkou City.Possessing more than 40 Quaternary volcanoes,the Geopark boasts the variety of volcanoes,the grotesqueness

Dongzhai Harbour National Nature Reserve

Tel:  Fax:  Stars:   Covering an area of 3337 hectares and located in Haikou Meilan District's Dongzhaigang State-level Nature Protection Area, is China's first protected mangrove forest nature area. In 1992 it was included on the list produced by the "International Important Wetlands Convention". This is
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