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Taida Golf Club
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Taida Golf Club is the first one in Hainan.It is located twenty-two kilometers off Haikou and only five kilometers away from MeiLan International Airport,which is within easy reach .
The course was initially constructed in 1989 and opened to public in 1992. It consists of eighteen international standardized fairway,whose total length is 7220 yards. There are seventy-two standardized strokes, with even out course and uneven in course. 
Here lies the challenge:Long distance between tee and green;The woods along the fairway are very tricky, the big coconut trees with dense leaves will surely become your enemy. It is common to lose one or two strokes here. Therefore you are required to be strong and skillful in order to be outstanding. 
The golf club possesses club house;driving range;swimming pool;Basketball court/proshop/Coffee house/Fishing station/villas hotel etc.
The course covers around 110 hectares(more than 1600 Mu),with green grass,stretch of coconut trees,27 average temperature ,no snow in winter ,beautiful sunshine;cool in summer, comfortable sea breeze .You can play golf on any day of the whole year in this green world ,and enjoy to your hearts content.

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