Hainan Four Best Known Dishes- Dongshan Lamb
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Hainan is attractive to many tourists not only for its beautiful natural scenery, but also for its excellent food. Food in Hainan, especially the seafood, is featured by its freshness, richness and reasonably low prices. The special cuisine of Hainan, prepared with local products, is known far and wide, and deservedly so. Qiongzhou Coconut Milk Dish and Hainan Chicken in coconut milk have won gold and silver medals in culinary competitions.The seafood on this tropical island is superb.Some people from Beijing & other area would fly to Hainan just for a day of seafood and they would say that their air-ticket costed no money considering the prices they will pay for the same meal in their hometown. Next we would like to invite the tourists from domestic and abroad to enjoy the famous dishes in Hainan.
  Ordering "Chinese food" when visiting China can be an overwhelming task. Visitors soon discover there are eight very different schools of Chinese cooking, being Beijing (or Peking), Guangzhou (or Canton), Fujian, Jiangsu, Hunan, Sichuan, Shandong and Shanghai. Hainan Island is the perfect place to savour all of these and more. from www.hainantour.net
  Although celebrated for its super fresh and inexpensive seafood delights, Hainan is also noted for its "Four Best Known Dishes" -- Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab. Other favourites and "must-try-dishes" include Hainan Chicken, Hainan Noodles and Dongshan Pancakes. Hainan is also the right choice for vegetarian dishes, Japanese, Korean and western cuisine and a wide assortment of tropical fruit including coconut, mango and litchi.
  Lamb is one of the most famous local specialties in Hainan. The local Dongshan Goat is distinct from other breeds in which the color is uniformly black and its flesh, short of the usual unpleasant smell, is much more tender. Because the Dongshan sheep are raised on the slopes of Dongshan peak in Wanning City. The mountain's tender Zhegu tea-leaves are the favorite food of the sheep. Their meat is aromatic and non-greasy. It tastes delicious alone or can be made into a rich soup. The meat when prepared in Hainan style?is cooked with individual seasoning and ingredients. The finished course is appealingly red in color and savory to taste.


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