Haikou Legend
Legend has it that,in the time immemorial,the east and west lakes of Haikou were a mysterious deep pond covered in mist where five young dragons were growing.One thousand years later,the five dragons became immortals,yet wereseriously constrained by the pond ,One day,the water surged up and the fiveFull story
The ecological environment in Haikou is perfect. The air pollution index is only 28, and it is superior to the first grade of the country's standard. It is the No.1 of all the large and medium sized cities in the country in terms of air quality. The quality of the groundwater in Full story
Best living City
This fascinating city features the most beautiful scenic promenades, blue skies, jade seas, sunshine, sandy beaches and coconut palms; a picturesque location of intoxicating beauty rich in ionized clean and fresh air that leads to Hainan's recognition as an island of health and longevity. Full story
traffic guide
The expressway in Haikou measures 618.23km as a total. The East Road running from Haikou to Sanya is 268.25km and the West Road is 349.98. the expressway between Haikou and Yangpu is 89.3km. on each square kilometer, there is 449 meter expressway and the rate is higher than the average levelFull story
The history of Haikou originates from Han Dynasty. In 110B.C. (the first year of Western Han Dynasty), General Lu Bode of Fubo conquered Baiyue, and set two prefectures-Zhuya and Zhan'er-and 16 counties in Hainan. Haikou was under Zhuyadaimao County. In Tang Dynasty, Haikou became a port of Full story
A seaside city is a lucky city indeed and Haikou's urban development follows the sea as it meanders unbroken along a charming and world famous coastline for 131 kilometres. This fascinating city features the most beautiful scenic promenades, blue skies, jade seas, sunshine, sandy beaches andFull story
Health Care
As a newly emerged developing tourist destination, the medical level of Haikou have dramatically improved over the past few years, in that a fully-equipped medical system has been in place to resolve all your medical needs on your trip.Full story
Ecological city Haikou, also known as ”°Coconut City”±, is the southernmost and only tropical sea-island provincial capital of China. Located at N20”ć, Haikou is far away from cold winter and haze. It boasts balmy weather all year around, with annual average temperature of 24.3”ę. It is a place with abuFull story
Hainan Four Best Known Dishes- Dongshan Lamb
Full story
Wugong Temple
This is a pretty temple in a tropical setting, surrounded by ponds filled with lilies, winding bridges and exotic palm trees. The main building is the Wugong temple housing life like statues of the five officials and known as the first building of Hainan.Full story
Tomb of Hairui
Hairui Tomb is a key national cultural protection unit. Hairui, a famous official in the Ming dynasty, was born in Qiongshan and was known as "Hai Qingtian" (incorruptible official). The tomb was built in 1589”­”­Full story
Oceanic authorities to restrict scale of sea reclamation
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