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In general,the city slogan should accord with the features of the city,the direction of industrial development and the city's construction goals.

"Sunny HaikouĦħ,as the sign of Haikou tourism,fully reflects its culture and the natural characters,as well as the developing condition. It also coincides with the high level requirements of the international and temporal tourist consumption market,giving all tourists a distinctive tourist experience,perception and enjoyment.

"Sunny Haikou"is featured by the rich resources and the inclusive culture in Haikou. Compared with those of other cities,its implication is unique to Haikou.

Firstly,Haikou has up to 2400 hours of sunshine per year,which is beneficial to the rapid development of golf industry and ecological tourism. The sunny image attracts people all over the world.

Secondly,Haikou is famous as the entrance of Nandujiang River. Since Song dynasty,Haikou has been a trading port and main courier station to the south east countries. Besides,the sunny image symbolizes the business and exihition industry in the early stage and its bright future.

Thirdly,with the resources of the ocean,rivers and volcano,the ample sunshine in Haikou lends enchantment to the view. The ocean tourism and leisure tourism based on the abundant water resources have profited from the sufficient sunshine resources.

Fourthly,there are almost hundreds of counties,towns and roads in Haikou naming after "LongĦħ(means dragon),where no folk custom and culture look alike. Combined with the modernization,the new rural construction reveals the sunny prospects.

Fifthly,the stories of the upright officials,represented by Hai Rui,have cultivated the loyal and brave generations in Haikou. It is believed that the righteousness prevails under the sun.    

In short,"sunny Haikou"meets the requirements of "Four SuitsĦħ(suitable for living,working,studying and traveling) from every aspects because of the upper five implications. Therefore,the sunshine has certainly resulted in "Three NourishmentsĦħ(the slogan means a beautiful,healthy and peaceful city).  

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