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Chinese desserts, drinks and soups to help cool off during hot summer days

Author:Mo Hong'e  Source:Global Times  Date:2017/8/23

The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou, the newest jewel in Hainan

Author:Li Yan  Source:Global Times  Date:2017/3/15

Hainan Coffee

Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan  Date:2016/8/16

Sanya Restaurant Guide: Roast Leg of Lamb

Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan  Date:2016/7/5

Mexican Cinco de Mayo Party at Haikou Coffee World

Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan  Date:2016/5/18

A Bo Po's Salt Roasted Chicken Οh

Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan  Date:2016/5/11

Coffine Gurunaru Coffee Shop coming to Haikou, Hainan

Author:  Source:Korea Bizwire  Date:2015/11/24

German Bierfest: Oktoberfest celebrations in Sanya

Author:  Source:Sanya Tour  Date:2015/10/14

Pretty Thai

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Pretty Thai is a comprehensive hall under the theme of Southeast Asian slow life. Starting from Thailand and walking along the Indo-China Peninsula

Qiong Cai Wang

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Qiong Cai Wang is located near the Jinniu lake, therefore the view is quite nice here, when you come to enjoy both the Hainan cuisine and the lake view. From the method of cooking to the way of serving, this restaurant always sticks to Hainan style.

Longquanren Coconut Chicken

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Combine two Hainan local ingredients Wenchang Chicken and coconuts together to cook a soup so delicious and delicate. The coconut chicken soup not only taste good, but also good for lowering high blood pressure, and cholestrol, which is base on the Chinese nourishing concept.

Coffee Time Western Restaurant

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 The latest Coffee Time Western Restaurant which is located in Seaview International Plaza, Haixiu Road was officially opened on 2012. "Coffee time", "coffee diary" western food restaurant make traditional western-style dishes as the foundation and combine Cantonese

Lotus Sushi

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Lotus Sushi is a Japanese restaurant which serves all kinds of Sushi. The ingredients are fresh and the sushi has authentic taste. In addition,the dinning environment is elegant and bright.

Yuanweizhuzhang Coconut Chicken

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Hainan coconut milk chicken is a dish that really brings out the local flavor of Hainan. Fresh coconut milk pairs beautifully with well known favorite Wenchang Chicken, creating a sweet and savory combination. The aroma and flavors seduce the senses and make this dish impossible to resist.

Haikou Qi Lou Snack Street

Author:  Source:web  Date:2014/11/5 Haikou Qi Lou Snack Street is more like a food court with thousands of Hainanese food and snack. Here, you needn't to run around ,can taste "The Four Hainan Famous Food", which is "Wenchang Chicken", "Jiaji Duck", "Hele Crab" and "Dongshan Goat" .

Haikou A To Z Cafe

Author:  Source:web  Date:2014/11/5 Haikou A to Z Cafe is a very chic European style Coffee shop,located in LongHua District ShangBang Bai Hui Cheng 2 Floor, Haikou, China.

Hainan Island Tropial Fruits

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/4 There are many tropical fruits in Hainan Island. Some of them you may never see in other places, some of them smell very strange. We would like to recommend some that you must try during your stay in Hainan Island.

Haikou'stir-fried ice'

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/3 Chao Bing Literally 'stir-fried ice' in Chinese, it is a fresh-made sorbet-like dessert. First select your fresh tropical fruits.

Passion Fruit

Author:  Source:people's Government of Hainan Province  Date:2012/7/25 The passion fruit originates from Australia and Brazil. The juice contains more than 165 different chemical compounds which give it the special fragrance and more than a dozen different local varieties.

Baoluo Rice Noodle:The famous local snacks in Hainan...

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/5/17 The famous local snacks in Hainan, made with rice noodles with delicious soup and various accessories. The name is from the most famous rice noodle in Baoluo of Wenchang Town, as the noodles thicker than "Hainan Rice Noodles",the north people of Hainan also called it"thick rice noodles...
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