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Kernel Harbor Area

Author:  Source:   Project Positioning:It is next to Xiuying Port of Binhai Avenue,Faces the sea in the east,west and north.It is the land using zone formed by the extension of the harbor in the sea.Project land area:84.19 ha.(1262.85 mu).Resource conditions:It lies in the front seascape area of internationa

Guilin Yang binhai Recreational Area

Author:  Source:   Project Location:The project locates south to Qiongzhou Strait,within the mangrove area of Jiangdong Zutuan.Acreage of the Project:THE Project covers approximately 1073 ha.(16095 mu),and the developable area is approximately 8000 ha.after deduction of

Haikou Opera Theatre

Author:  Source:   Project Positioning:It lies on the sea-filling island of Haikou kernel Binhai District.It overlooks strip park in the west coast in the west,next to the Century Bridge and Century Park in the east,and faces Haidian Island beyond Haidian Stream. Land area:6.67ha.(100 mu).

Yunlong Town

Author:  Source:   Planning AreaMake an expansion on the base of the existing constructed are of the town,which covers an area of 178 ha.(2667 mu).Town Substance:Agricultural products processing and tourism-related service providing base at suburb area of Haikou.

Yongxing Town

Author:  Source:   General Information:Yongxing Town is a tourism town locating at suburban area of Haikou,which embraces the south part of the Haikou Shishan Volcano Cluster National Geopark in it,and dominates over an area of 102.38 square meters.Planning Area:The build-up area of the town is 71.46 ha.

Preparatorya Area of Western Coast

Author:  Source:   Project Location:It lies in the north of Changliu Planning Area,goes along Binhai Avenue in the north,Exhibition Centers and Convention Hotels,and is 10 kilometers from Xiuying Port in the east,about 35 kilometers from Meilan Airport and 4.1 kilometers from Haikou Railway Station in the west.

Exhibition Centers and Convention Hotels

Author:  Source:   Project Location:It faces the municipal administrative center,and is next to Binhai West Road in the south,next to Qiongzhou Strait in the north and next to West Qiongzhu Coast area.Resource conditions:Owning rare land resources in Changliu Planning Area along the coast,golden coastling with

Country-level Fishery Harbor(including man-made island)

Author:  Source:   Project Location:The country-level fishery harbor locates east to the outlet of Nandu River,and is adjacent to the Qiongzhou Straight on the north;the planned Xindong Bridge locates south to the project,and is 3 kilometers to the Haiwen Highway;while the man-made land locates 3 kilometers northeas
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