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23rd National Book Expo held in Haikou

Author:Nicki Johnson  Source:Visit Hainan  Date:2016/5/18

Club Med Sanya Resort officially opens in Sanya Bay, Sanya

Author:  Source:Sanya Tour  Date:2016/5/11

Danzhou Voicing

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Danzhou Voicing started from ancient China; it is a kind of folk songs which performed with Danzhou local language. Usually people sing in unison and antiphonal style. Danzhou Voicing is always considered as a unique traditional folk art in various Chinese traditional arts.

Ethnic groups Li, Miao & Hui Culture

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Besides the Han, China's majority, the Li, Miao and Hui are also natives of Hainan, with the Li being the earliest inhabitants on the island. As a consequence of Hainan's development since 1950, the other 33 ethnic groups moved in successively.

Hainan Puppet Plays

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 Hainan's Puppet Plays with Human Actors is originated in Lingao, a neighboring county of Haikou. Puppet plays are fully of local characteristics and popular, this art even formed earlier than Qiong Opera.

Qiong Opera

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/6 On this precious island, there are many culture worthy to appreciate, Qiong Opera is the most historical and traditional heritages could represent the culture of Hainan. It originated from the tune of Geyang, Jiangxi.

Laoba (Daddy) Tea Culture

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/5 Hainan Laoba Tea is a kind of Hainan's relaxation culture; it reflects a laid--back, casual, peaceful style and comfortable mind to outline the characteristics of islanders'life. Laoba Tea makes Hainan people's social life more full of joy, makes their communication with more love and harmony.

"Sanyuesan" Festival

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/4 The "Sanyuesan" Festival, also named March Third Festival is the traditional festival of the Li and Miao minorities in the Hainan Island which takes place on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month of the year. This is the chance for the young girls and boys to get together for singing and dancing.

Junpo Festival

Author:  Source:  Date:2014/11/4 It is the biggest festival of local Han People after Chinese New Year to worship the national female hero called Madam Xian (513--603). Madam Xian was a politician and militarist who has been honored by the folks of Hainan for 1300 years.

The Boundless Spring Event

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/6/2 Cultural activities are held during festivals in Haikou,such as the New Year's Day,the spring Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival.The Boundless Spring Event as Popular Celebrations during Spring Festival.The Boundless Spring Event Expresses best wishes for the new year ,Starting from 2006...

Haikou Cultural Festival in Memory of Madam Xian

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/6/2 Gong Qi or Jun Po festival is observed across Hainan and it has to do with Madam xian,a stateswoman and military strategist in the Liang,Chen and Sui dynasties about 1,500 years ago,Given her great contribution to political,economic and cultural development in Hainan,she was praised by premier...

Huanhua Festival:It is held in Qiongshan district of...

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/5/19 It is held in Qiongshan district of Haikou city on the evening of the 15th day of the 1st lunar month every year with its unique characteristics. The Huanhua Festival is an annual large-scale party in Qiongshan district. Huanhua Festival used to be a folk festival unique to Qiongshan, but in the...

Hainan Joy Festival:held in late November every year...

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/5/19 Hainan Joy Festival is held in late November every year.the festival includes varied and colorful series of activities in tourism, recreation, sports, exhibition, and games, giving prominence to the characteristics of festivity in Hainan, trying to establish the nameplate...

Hainan International Coconut Festival:Since the first...

Author:  Source:Foreign Affairs Office Of Hainan Province  Date:2010/5/19 Since the first Hainan International Coconut Festival was held in April 1992, it has been a tradition in Hainan to celebrate the Hainan International Coconut Festival in late March or early April every year (the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month usually falls in late March or early...

Impression Hainan

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/5/19 In the impression theater,20:30 every nightTheir first work after Beijing Olympic Games,First sea-them show with the real sea scenery as its background,Distinctive interpretation of the sea.The Impression DancersOne of the best performing group in China.The average age is only 19 years...

Hainan Li&Miao Lunar March 3:Lunar March 3 is a...

Author:  Source:  Date:2010/5/17 Lunar March 3 is a traditional festival on which Li Minority's young men and women get together to express their admiration to each other,therefore it is called the day of saying love.Miao people also hold the traditional of celebrating the gala day.On the day,the Li people...
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